Quench & Tempered Steel

Quench and tempered (Q&T) steel is the lightest, thinnest and strongest form of steel, machined and fabricated by Arex for more than 20 years. It is ideal for designs that require lighter, stronger structures.

When used in transportation structures Q&T steel enables improved payloads, fuel efficiency and more sustainable equipment life cycles. In the mining industry it is ideal for wear resistant and sustainable steel applications, and in Defence, the light weight and high impact resistance of Q&T steel is critical for armour plating applications in tanks, armoured vehicles and ships.

Working with Q&T steel demands an understanding of the various techniques required to cut, weld, bend, and machine. Arex are amongst the very few manufacturers in Australia capable of producing Q&T steel plate for the defence, mining and rail industries. Our team has undertaken extensive training in Sweden for Q&T products, enhanced further through technical collaborations with SSAB and Defence prime supplier Bisalloy.

Arex is responding to increased demand for Q&T products by expanding its Q&T capability with a planned purchase of a state of the art 5-axis abrasive waterjet.

Q&T steel grades include:

  • HT350, QT450, QT500, QT550, QT600
  • High strength structural grades include 700 & 960 grades available in plates, pipes and SHS
  • QT400 grade bars & pipes

Q&T components can be machined and fabricated using special techniques and CNC machines.

Cutting can be performed by traditional methods however Abrasive Waterjet gives the best results in QT products.

QT plate products are fully certified by NATA 3.1 mill test certificates.

Arex Q&T steel applications include:

  • Tanks and armoured combat vehicles
  • Marine industry – ships, submarines and off-shore rig construction
  • Rail industry
  • Ballistic protection
  • Mining industry equipment
  • Hard-wearing characteristics for chassis components.
  • Civilian security applications