Working in harsh and challenging environments, the Australian mining industry demands precision engineering capabilities. Arex has a proven track record of working with mining companies to understand their needs. We deliver robust precision engineering capabilities to reliably meet mine safety imperatives, endure environmental extremes and surpass stringent equipment and component requirements.

Precision engineering capabilities for mining application

Our formidable precision manufacturing capabilities, conceived for mining industry clients, enable us to design and manufacture new precision components and equipment. Arex can also overhaul, repair and refurbish existing mining equipment or components.

Our fully equipped workshop provides an extensive end-to-end service for our mining customers including in-house design, welding and fabrication, assembly and painting, CNC milling, CNC turning, non-destructive testing (NDT), fitting, and specialist toolmaking. Further, our broad experience also covers working with fabricated towing equipment, replacement components, conveyor drums and structural components.

Refurbishment & recertification

At Arex, we understand that replacing equipment, components or assemblies is not always possible. We offer a refurbishment service to help reduce costs and prolong asset life. Once refurbished, your assets are tested and supplied with certification that the equipment, component, or assembly is fully compliant with original manufacturer specifications. At the end of the process, we deliver clients a report detailing the service history.

A typical equipment, component or assembly refurbishment will involve:

  • Stripping down the item
  • Cleaning and inspecting
  • Agreement on scope of work and time frame
  • Performing any necessary repairs or repainting
  • Performing NDT (such as crack testing)
  • Recertification

Power transmission components

Arex has extensive experience in manufacturing loaded and unloaded rotating components. We have experience in designing and manufacturing over 100 base frames and pioneered component designs that are acknowledged as industry standard. All work is completed to Australian Mine Standards and balanced to ISO grades.

Examples of our work, including post fabrication machining where necessary:

  • Base frame
  • Bell housings
  • Adaptors
  • Torque arms
  • Drive Bases
  • Brakes

Case study: Reverse engineering

The challenge:
SIMEC needed spare parts for its longwall mining equipment, however, the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) no longer produced them. These machines have a 700kg high tensile alloy steel bar that joins the two parts of the machine.

The solution:
SIMEC contracted Arex to reverse engineer the part and produce it with reduced cost, increased availability, and better reliability.

Case study: Reverse engineering

The challenge:
SIMEC needed replacement parts for underground transport vehicles. OEM parts were becoming hard to obtain and very expensive.

The solution:
SIMEC contracted Arex to reverse engineer and manufacture new parts to Australian standards. These parts were a technical improvement over the OEM parts at a competitive price point.

Case study: Bespoke engineering

The challenge:
SIMEC needed a safer and faster way to rig and transport heavy longwall transmissions in the low headroom environment of an underground coal seam.

The solution:
SIMEC contracted Arex to engineer and manufacture special lifting adapters to Australian standards. These adapters sped up the changeout handling process with increased safety, saving SIMEC downtime and risk.