Arex is proud to offer its services to the Australian Defence Force. Our company, 30 years in the making, stands ready to answer our nations call for a true sovereign defence capability. We offer a full range of Defence SME manufacturing services and join our Sovereign capability industry partners to enhance the Australian Defence manufacturing capability.

We are proud members of AIDN NSW and the Shoalhaven Defence Industry Group. Further, we are part of the Defence Reserves Supportive Employer program, and have publicly declared our support for the Federal Government’s Veterans’ Employment Commitment.

Founder Mitch Heffernan began his professional life at the Qantas Mascot Engineering base in Sydney as an aircraft engineer working on Qantas jets and RAAF C130 Hercules. His real-world experience has guided Arex to develop an expert understanding of the aerospace industry, as well as the skills and manufacturing capabilities required for Defence.

Military equipment componentry, such as that used in tanks and armoured personnel carriers, require perfect first articles. High quality fabrication, machining, stress relieving and welding processes are also essential to supplying defence SMEs.

At Arex the entire production process is completed in-house, to the highest standards, with experience and knowledge developed over 30 years.

Arex’s collaborative attitude, high quality work and strict adherence to all compliance requirements, makes Arex an ideal partner for your next Defence project.

Case study: Gun mounts

Arex partnered with W&E Platt, one of the Australian Defence Force’s most trusted SMEs who specialise in the design, manufacture, and installation of weapon mounts for military vehicles and naval vessels.

Arex produced numerous fabricated assemblies and machined components, including combat-ready:

  • blast attenuators,
  • gunner foot stands,
  • weapon sight brackets,
  • 50 calibre ammunition feed chutes,
  • grenade launchers,
  • swing mount shield brackets and
  • gun mounts.

Case study: Static aircraft tie down points

Arex were approached to design an improved static tie down fixing system for use at RAAF Williamtown.

Originally these were designed for standard tarmacs and deployed field service at remote Air Base parking aprons. However, subsequent design refinements have produced a high quality, dependable and durable tie down point that can be installed anywhere using a variety of methods. A static tie down fixing system made from marine-grade materials is also available for Navy ship helicopter decks.

The prototypes proved to be a significant advance over the traditional tie down points and have evolved to become part of Arex’s inventory of IP items available for ADF use and export.