Arex has a long history of supplying robust engineering capabilities that meet the safety, quality, and precision imperatives of the Australian rail industry.

Collaboration is key to success. Arex works closely with our rail industry clients to thoroughly understand their unique operational requirements and time constraints to ensure consistent and superior outcomes.

Arex has the experience to deliver solutions reliably and efficiently. We produce new components, provide breakdown support, and conduct thorough overhauls.

Our aim is to ensure we deliver:

  • High quality results
  • Meet tight turnaround times
  • Precision components that fit the first time
  • Meet rail operational requirements and standards.

Conversion of international designs

Arex converts international drawings and designs to suit the Australian rail industry. Our process includes:

  • Translating designs into English
  • Sourcing equivalent Australian materials to replace any specified international materials
  • Identifying local suppliers
  • Remodelling drawings based on client needs, and to conform with Australian Industry Standards

Rail couplers

Arex has extensive experience in fabricating tight tolerance, superior quality, and high-performance precision rail components such as emergency couplers, coupling components and wagon parts. All work is completed to Australian Standards. Our rail couplers are manufactured and delivered using:

  • Fabricated using high tensile alloy & stainless steel
  • Precision turned
  • Process controlled

Case study – Rail coupler removal

The challenge:
Disconnecting train parts for overhaul and repair can be a tricky business, as working with certain parts can be challenging. Removing a coupler from a train for overhaul and repair was a time-consuming task requiring excessive manual manpower. A better way of removing decouplers was needed. The solution had to be easy to operate, withstand correct weight requirements and deliver overall efficiencies for Voith Turbo.

The solution:
In collaboration with Voith Turbo, Arex designed and built a Coupler Removal Tool for fitting to a forklift. The tool has three components, the forklift attachment, the coupler tool itself and a transporting unit to transport the coupler from point to point. The tool is currently undergoing field trials.

“AREX Precision is an innovative, reliable and customer focus designer / supplier for Voith Turbo P/L over 14 years. Supplying cost effective components of the highest quality, they play an important role on Voith localisation (local manufacturing) in Australia’s Rail and Mining market.”

Neville Ng, Estimating, Quoting & Order Handling Manager