Engineering & Design

Need a spare part that no longer exists? Or perhaps you need to modify a component? Arex can help.

Our clients benefit from our decades of knowledge and experience in engineering and design, manufacturing processes and fabrication. Underpinned by strong core values, Arex has established a reputation for producing workable drawings and designs, selecting the best materials and then using the most appropriate manufacturing techniques to produce products and solutions that work in the real world.

We assist with one-off component designs through to complex processes and assemblies. Arex also works with existing designs to identify potential issues and implement any necessary adjustments to produce a better result. Utilising stringent Quality Management Systems, 2D and 3D CAD software, analysis programs and customised in-house software tools, Arex delivers reliable designs and drawings.

Arex always adheres to relevant Australian Standards ensuring every design complies with current Australian regulations. This includes mining and railway regulations as well as standards relating to operational requirements for mechanical parts, systems and processes. Our design process closely considers project sustainment aspects such as maintenance access, performance, asset value and running costs.

Mechanical engineering design services include:

  • System design
  • Prototype to production
  • Detailed parts and assemblies
  • Conversion of international designs to English and applying relevant Australian Standards to ensure local compliance

All drawings are kept on our database for future reference and spare part resupply.

Arex has extensive workshop facilities with a flexible range of modern precision machines. We utilise CNC machining, allowing us to manufacture precise customised components with tight tolerances and fine finishes. Our industry trained and accredited precision engineers work closely with our clients to create fully engineered solutions for replacement or modified parts. By offering an end-to-end solution in-house we reduce complications and costs to deliver optimal results for you.

Case study – Specialised winch

SIMEC Mining underground longwall coal mining operations in the Illawarra: traditional winches, used in longwall mining operations to remove heavy mining equipment from the longwall mining face for repair and maintenance, occasionally failed under high load.

Arex in collaboration with SIMEC Mining developed, designed, and manufactured a specialised winch with an extremely strong Kevlar cable to drag heavy mining equipment from the longwall face for repair and maintenance. The new winch is a very safe, functional, and extremely reliable solution which is subsequently proving popular with other mining companies. The winch’s durability and capacity to operate in extreme environments is now being explored for applications in the Defence industry.