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Fabrication is the entire process of creating the parts and the assembly of these parts into a finished product. Arex understands that building components into a system may impact the individual parts or components through stresses and pressures.

Exif_JPEG_PICTUREOur knowledge and experience enables us to identify where potential issues can arise and if components require additional stress relief. Not identifying these issues could result in substandard results in which cracks or wear and tear cause system failures.

Thanks to years of experience, Arex is able to adapt or re-engineer designs to suit the manufacturing process which in return could considerably reduce your ongoing fabrication or parts replacement costs. All our services are performed to Australian Standards and are completed under a fully certified ISO-9001 Quality Management System (QMS).

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Our precision machining capabilities encompass:

  • Bending and forming
  • Certified welding to relevant Australian Welding Standards. Welding techniques include
    • TIG
    • MIG / GMAW / FCAW
    • Stick / ARC
    • Stud and
    • Spot welding
  • Pre-Heating and bracing to control distortion
  • Stress relieving
  • Pressing and rolling
  • Drilling
  • Cutting / guillotining
  • Shearing
  • Non-destructive testing and verification through an external network of professionals
  • Identifying the best materials and methods possible.

Additional services

Once your job has been machined or fabricated, there are a few auxiliary services that may be required to pull your product together. Arex has an extensive workshop which enables us to not only precision engineer and fabricate your component, but also to finish it in-house by applying corrosion protection options, wet spray, powder coating, component alignment and/or product assembly. The ability to perform all services in-house reduces complications, saves time and reduces risks. Our team can provide expert advice on which services you may need to complete your component or system. Get in touch today so we can see how we can help you.


Assembling components from raw materials to finished goods.


Protect your assets. Arex are experienced in various blast and paint techniques including epoxies and urethane paints. Our keen eye for detail means we can deliver a quality assured finish. Paint services such as corrosion protection, spray metalising, powder coating or wet spray are completed to Australian Standards.


Arex has extensive facilities which enable us to provide you with the flexibility of undertaking a range of manufacturing activities to high standards.  


Arex has extensive facilities which enable us to provide you with the flexibility of undertaking a range of precision machining activities to high standards. Our workshop equipped with reliable, well-maintained plant and equipment. Personnel are industry trained and accredited for for precision projects.

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Quality Assured

Committed to applying quality assurance every step of the way.
Australian Standard

Arex has a fully documented and ISO-9001 certified Quality Management System. This ensures that all areas of the design process are managed according to industry standards, thereby reducing risks and delivering you with the best results possible.

Our Quality Management System

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We always aim to go that extra mile for our clients. Here are some of our happy customers.
  • Arex Precision has been the major supplier of Parts and Engineered Systems for Phoenix Systems Australia since 1992, when he opened his manufacturing facility in Picton. Together, Phoenix Systems and Arex Precision have been the supplier of engineered systems for the American Baler Company and IPS Balers that have been imported into Australia for applications in Solid Waste, Non  Ferrous Metal Recycling and Paper Recycling. Mitch is an innovative and extremely talented engineer with a unique ability to visualize and create working systems from concept to reality.

    – Phoenix Systems Australia, Director

  • Sumitomo Drive Technologies have been working with Arex for nearly six years. We are extremely satisfied with this alliance & have no hesitation in recommending Arex. Arex has been instrumental in the development of our conveyor drive assembly packages, this has enabled us to expand our business & in a competitive market has also helped to hold onto existing clients. We are also pleased with Arex’s approach to our industry, they continue to invested in equipment & staff that benefits our business. Sumitomo now consider Arex to be an integral part of its Australian operations.

    – Sumitomo Drive Technologies, National Engineering Manager

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Based just south of Sydney, Arex Precision is a full-service precision engineering service provider. For almost 30 years we have consistently delivered superior precision engineering solutions to the mining, rail and materials handling industries.